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Happy Thanksgiving 2018

A whole year has gone by so quickly! It was exactly one year ago we posted a video from our Xiamen and Guangzhou offices to thank you all for your hard work. We wanted you to be able to see your partners here at Qkids, working with you to deliver excellent education to thousands of young learners of English. Now its that time of year again for us to say a big thank you to our American teachers at this special time of the year. A lot has changed over the last 365 days for Qkids. We have lots more students and teachers for a start! This time last year we had a small but strong team of teachers working tirelessly to bring top quality education to our many many young learners who come online to not just study English but connect with the world outside their boarders. Now we have thousands of teachers bringing that global connection to many more thousands of students every single day. Over the next year we hope to be able to grow even larger with your help. Another change is the si

Qkids 2018 Summer Camp High5 - Marine Camp - Day Three

"I came to China to teach, yet I find myself leaving a piece of my heart in each of the children we taught. It is I who have learned so much, and my heart is full of memories." - Teacher Cynthia A sneak peek of what is to come with Teacher Suzanne's team  A Day of Sailing and Talent Today is a day of action and excitement, spanning from sailing on the open waters to a talent show featuring students performing magic, singing, and even dancing. So far, students have experienced archery, swimming, and bonding; however, it was time to take things to the next physical level. The Teachers listening attentively as we explain the objectives of the day The goals of today were simple -- We wanted to help students understand how sailboats worked, as well as understand how to describe them accurately in English. This includes words such as big, round, heavy, or flat, and the competitions that come with learning how these adjectives affect a boat's buoyancy.

Qkids 2018 Summer Camp High5 - Marine Camp - Day Two

"This is how language should be taught: as a means to connecting with others rather than as an end in itself. I feel honored to have played a role." - Teacher Antonina Beginning Classes and Friendships In the bright and early morning hours, teachers and students decided to keep the tempo from the previous day and hit the tasks in an excited, fun manner. Meisha Camp Leader Carina quickly assembled the students and stimulated their minds with some basic games, including one where the students had to mimic her actions. The tempo sped up every rotation, so we quickly had laughter as everyone struggled to keep up. We had kids attempting to do it perfectly while others fell or simply danced, giving up trying in favor of fun. The focus of today was on aquatic based activities, as well as two keywords: Sink & Float. We had to plan activities that could be not only fun, but also teach key concepts well. With a little finesse, we decided on two ideal activities: Water