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FAQs - Qkids Recent Policy Updates

FAQs - Qkids Recent Policy Updates
Background Check Q&A
1. Can you tell us more about the Qkids background check? 2. Does Qkids have recommendations for where teachers should go to do a background check? 3. What will this process look like for teachers? 4. What materials do teachers need to prepare for the background check? 5. If a teacher has recently completed a background check, do they still need to go through the process? 6. What if a teacher wants to dispute the results of a background check. 7. Sterling requires clients to fill out a consent form. Can you tell the teachers more about that? 8. How long will it take to complete my background check? 9. Will someone contact the teachers if there is a problem with my background check? 10. What happens if someone can’t remember every detail about their attendance and graduation dates for college? 11. What if someone was in school when they started, but have had to take a break since being with Qkids? 12. What if a teacher believes he/s…