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FAQs - Qkids Recent Policy Updates

FAQs - Qkids Recent Policy Updates Background Check Q&A 1.  Can you tell us more about the Qkids background check? 2.  Does Qkids have recommendations for where teachers should go to do a background check? 3.  What will this process look like for teachers? 4.  What materials do teachers need to prepare for the background check? 5.  If a teacher has recently completed a background check, do they still need to go through the process? 6.  What if a teacher wants  to dispute the results of a  background check. 7.  Sterling requires clients to fill out a consent form. Can you tell the teachers more about that?   8.  How long will it take to complete my background check? 9.  Will someone contact the teachers  if there is a problem with my background check? 10.  What happens if someone  can’t remember every detail about their attendance and graduation dates for college ? 11.  What if someone was in school when they started, but have had to take a break since