Classroom Diversification - Insects and Alphabets

Hello to our incredible readers!

Today we wanted to bring some insight as to our recent classroom changes, including the introduction of the insect and alphabet series. We realize that mastering the English language is a constant, evolving experience. By integrating different games, themes, and styles of classrooms, we can keep students more readily engaged and feeling happier with their learning.

Recently, there has been a skyrocket in the number of students, particularly elementary, seeking ESL services. Unfortunately, they may not always be prepared for words or sentences at the start. When we considered this, we realized we had to create something that could provide a stepping stone for the series we have already created. Therefore, we made the alphabet series.

The letter T!
Our goals with the alphabet series was to create a cute, fun classroom that could help with specific enunciation, as well as better master the letters of the alphabet themselves. In addition, certain letters are harder to master than others. You may have noticed more classes regarding "S", "V", or "P", as these letters can be more difficult than others.

Class P!
As we master letters and the sounds associated with letters, the upcoming classes focusing on sentences and grammar become easier. One of our first introductory classes is about colors, and students who have experienced phonetic & alphabet classes can enter our classrooms feeling more confident and ready to succeed!

Students in these classes tend to be younger, but they're definitely more energetic and eager to learn!

That being said, we wanted to bring students into classes that had more variety and diversity. We were thinking of ways to accomplish this, and we landed on the idea of insect classes. Sometimes, insects can have some of the most difficult to pronounce words, such as 'antennae.' By having some of our best teachers tackle these classes and guide students through, they can get a better understanding of some of the more abstract, complicated words of the English language whilst simultaneously having a great time with fun graphics and games!

These classes can introduce newer lessons and games. Such as a retake on the spelling game, below, or more song based approaches in the phonics lessons. We also use more models and diagrams and less memorization. It's all to allow you more time to interact with the students instead of have the students interact with themselves.

Shedding & Hatching!

Momo can get across safely if you spell 'ladybug'!

Some of our teachers have taken a liking to our classes, and we asked for their opinions. Here is teacher Jennifer Walker expressing her thoughts:

"The insect lessons are loads of fun to do. So many great visuals for the kids and they are so interactive. The phonics lessons are action packed, fast paced, and adorable! I love the new lessons!" - Teacher Jennifer Walker

Our goal is to create inspiring new classrooms that feel innovative and instructive. As we continue to grow, we're always looking for new ways to challenge educational development. We want both teachers and students to have a memorable experience in the classroom, start to finish. From our holiday themes to our insect and phonetic classes, we hope you're enjoying the variety!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog about classroom diversification!

The Qkids Family



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