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Breaking The Ice - Section Zero!

Hello Teachers! 😉 We are so excited that you have been enjoying your classes! With the recent change from having 6 students in a class to only 4, this has opened the door for more personalized teaching and higher quality classes. This is wonderful news for both students and teachers!  Since we are on the topic of making our classes more personal and student focused, we wanted to share some ideas to break the ice with your students in section zero of your teaching slides! We know sometimes students can feel a little.. spooked before classes -- Let's see if we can help make them feel more welcome! Teachers are encouraged to enter their classrooms 5 minutes before their assigned class starts. This is really helpful for many reasons! When you enter early, you're able to identify technical issues such as webcam or microphone problems, and you're also able to develop rapport with your students. Getting to know your students can make your classes go smoother, make