Qkids Bootcamp -- Our Teachers First Trip!

Hello everyone!

By now you may have heard the announcement:

That's right. We're doing it again. But this time it's going to be biggerbetter, and more inclusive than before! To let you guys know what's going on, we wanted to write about our prior camp experience and how it shaped us as a company.

To begin, we began our company in 2015 with the idea of creating a vibrant, online atmosphere where kids and teachers could grow. We wanted to have a mutual understanding experience where thriving was easy and learning was facilitated with fun. So, Qkids was created.

As we continued to grow and heard feedback from our parents and students about wanting to have a closer experience, we thought of the idea of bringing over teachers to try a camp-like experience. This would include offline, in-person classrooms and fun activities. Our goal was to strengthen the connection between Qkids teachers and students, whilst integrating Chinese and North American culture. There were a lot of logistics to work out, but in the end, we decided on eight teachers, over a total of twelve days and eleven nights. We thought this would give ample amount of time to not only allow the students to enjoy themselves but also allow the teachers to prepare and explore China with us!

Our fantastic selection of eight!

We noticed a lot of teachers thought of the camp as an actual camp experience, so we're going to try and do better to explain what it actually is this time - Instead of an authentic camp experience, we feature indoor and outdoor activities in a styled, comfortable housing experience.

We visited two primary locations: Huizhou Twin Moon Bay, where the 'camp' site was located, and Xiamen, the city where Qkids headquarters is located. We wanted to inspire the feeling of a rewarding trip, so we made sure to pay for all expenses including food and room. We also included a one-thousand-dollar bonus for the teachers to enjoy and experience China, as we imagine this may have been a first-time experience for most of them! Truthfully, we were able to learn as much from them as they could from us, so it benefited us all.

Qkids Camp High5 featured a range of activities that alternated between the afternoon & evening. We constructed a chart featuring our activities at the camp that involved interacting with students.

As you can see, early in the morning we had our offline class segments, which proved to be a rousing success! We are excited to explore this possibility more in the future. In the afternoon, we had more physical activities such as rock climbing & archery, which allowed us to enjoy the time with students. At night, we had more relaxed and fun indoor activities that facilitated growth & development.

Here are some highlights of the unforgettable experience!  

For many of our children, this was their first time away from their parents and thus it was quite the emotional experience. At the end of the camp, we had students read letters written by their parents and almost everyone began crying as it was so touching! We hope to build a lasting memory for not only the staff and teachers but also the kids who experienced something incredibly independent for the first time. 

After the camp, we had more activities planned for our teachers. We brought our teachers to Xiamen, the location of Qkids headquarters, where they met the friends whom they have been talking online with, like their trainers and Class Coordination Team members, as well as the behind-the-scenes talents like Qkids platform technicians and visual designers! Teachers all participated in the annual New Year Celebration Party with the Qkids staff. This included an opportunity to meet the CEO, CTO, CFO, enjoy shows presented by the Qkids staff and dinner with all of them. The eight teachers also prepared a performance, which was fun, too!

A glimpse of the annual party.

Finally, near the end of our trip, we wanted to show some more culture and less work. So, we took trips to places of interest in Xiamen. A prime example of this would be our trip to the Nanputou Temple in Xiamen, where we experienced a guided visit. It's a gorgeous temple and we're hoping that our teachers were able to enjoy it as much as we did! Plus, many popular recreation games in China were introduced to them such as table tennis and karaoke. Many competed -- Few won.

See any familiar faces?

That being said, the Qkids Camp High5 was a remarkable experience that we felt was a resounding success. The amazing journey of the teachers resonating with our staff and students made us feel it should be done again. So, this time, we're doing it bigger, better, and even more inclusive than before.

Stay tuned for updates and thank you for reading this far!

The Qkids Family



  1. What a GREAT opportunity ! The teachers seemed to have an awesome experience. How rewarding! I will definitely be applying :D Good luck everyone!

  2. How long do you have to be with QKids to apply?


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