Life as a Qkids Teacher (Ft. Jaclyn)

Hello everyone 😏! Today we wanted to introduce one of our newer teachers and get her perspective on how she feels about Qkids. Meet Jaclyn 😎!

Recently, I came across an advertisement on for Qkids I thought it was too good to be true. ‘Online ESL teacher pays $20 an hour’

I did my due diligence and researched the company. Yes, the job is real and right up my alley as a former English and ESL teacher. I applied and sent in my minute-long demo. Qkids responded quickly and I was scheduled within a week. The process was clear and smooth and only took a few weeks from start to finish. I couldn’t wait to begin my classes.

I was so excited to journey on my next adventure and do something that has a work/home life balance.

Qkids has an interactive software platform where you guide the students through slides and games. This is unlike anything I have ever used to teach before. However, it is easy to learn and use. After a few classes, I was going through all the steps and at ease interacting with the students. Qkids has brought back the joy of teaching into my life. Working with the students has been so rewarding that I look forward to popping out of bed at 5 am for my morning classes. I am not a morning person at all, but I do enjoy the time I get to spend in the virtual classroom.
The students are so expressive, kind, and their excitement to learn is infectious.
I have found it helpful to do anything that I can to ease my morning routine, including setting the automatic coffee pot and prepping my children, so they don’t interrupt. I thought it would be hard teaching at home while my sons are here, but it has been a breeze. They are both beyond understanding and so enthusiastic made pictures for my teaching background.

Working with the Qkids staff has been wonderful. Samor did an excellent job helping me to understand the platform and my place in it. Charles, my awesome trainer, has given me great feedback and tools to help me be an effective and evolving online ESL Teacher. He is fun to work with and I learn something new every time. The Qkids tech staff are also extremely considerate and compassionate. I lost internet due to a snowstorm and messaged them. They were accommodating and kind without any harsh penalty.

Everyone at this company wants you to be successful; so, when in doubt, reach out. If I have any questions, I am not shy about contacting my WeChat group. By joining the Qkids Facebook group, and following them on Instagram and Twitter, I can view what works for other teachers and incorporate it into my own teaching.

Each morning, after I fire up the program, I remind myself that I need to take a deep breath and get into teacher mode with extra bright lipstick and I don’t forget the smiles. I bring my authentic self to the classroom while using gestures, props, and other engaging material and resources to extend the lesson I am teaching. Mistakes happen, I have made many. I learn from them and do better next time. If they happen in the classroom, I say oops and give extra diamonds.
The software is my best prop and the lessons are my guide.
Each Sunday I prepare for the week ahead and have found it helps me to relax in the classroom and be a better teacher to these amazing kids. Some of them know a little and others know a lot. I have had quite the spectrum of children in my short time at Qkids. I find it helpful to not only have examples of the vocabulary but also to have lesson extenders. I have my ideas written down for an easy reference. This way every day I enter the classroom I am ready to do a job I love.

Qkids has shown me that I can contribute a significant income and enjoy what I do. I’m excited to work from home while caring for my kids! I am setting a good example for them and, most importantly, every day I have FUN!

Thank you for your kind words Jaclyn! We really appreciate it!

The Qkids Family



  1. Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to my first classes soon. I just turned in my available time slots to CCT this mornings after being notified I passed my weekend trials and was hired.


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