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Getting More Referrals

Hi everyone! We've collected and create a guide to help generate ideas and leads for you to gather referrals! We hope you like it. 

Getting More Referrals
A. Post on social media
This is an efficient approach to introduce Qkids teaching opportunity to your social network and friends. Share your best moments in class, funny scenes with students, etc. Tag friends and use hashtags.
Popular platforms (not limited to): Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

B. Create blogs
If you have talent or are passionate for writing, you can create blogs and write about your journey with Qkids as an Educator, Student, Stay at home parent, or as an Entrepreneur. Tell compelling stories from each unique perspective by using your own teaching experience as a Qkids teacher.

Possible topics (not limited to): Why did you become a Qkids teacher? What is Qkids? How do you teach? Who are your students? What are challenges and difficulties? What are your best moments with students? [Class setup and preparation. Typical class schedule and payment. Qkids staffs. Cultural impact.]

C. Post in Facebook groups or forums
This is to reach out to people with a specific area of interest in a certain field. For example, you can join Facebook groups featuring “work from home jobs” or “online teaching jobs”; these groups can also be in the form of different forums.

Keywords (not limited to): part time jobs, remote jobs, online teaching jobs, work from home jobs, stay at home jobs, college jobs, etc.

D. Advertise on Craigslist and Reddit
You can easily advertise job opportunity on Craigslist alike sites and receive a good volume of candidates. In this case, you are engaging with people you don’t know and should act as an information provider for them. Note that Qkids will not cover ads posting fees. We hope you will earn higher referral bonus to compensate the expenses.

E. Make YouTube videos or Vlog
If you’d like to share your Qkids journey with people around the world, making YouTube videos is a good place to start. Start with creating your own Qkids YouTube channel, then upload one or two videos, then maybe you will have a series or franchise about “Your Life as a Qkids teacher”.

Possible topics (not limited to): Why did you become a Qkids teacher? What is Qkids? How do you teach? Who are your students? What are challenges and difficulties? What are your best moments with students? [Class setup and preparation. Typical class schedule and payment. Qkids staffs. Cultural impact.]

Interested in setting up a booth or hosting events? Contact

Important Guidelines

We encourage you to utilize different platforms and social media to generate your own referral pipeline. Make sure you use your Referral Code so that you receive bonuses after they are hired.

-        Be sure to include your referral code in your posts, articles, or videos
-        Provide honest and sincere opinions can always create more audience engagement, and then call for actions.
-        Create engaging contents and share your stories featuring a unique perspective (as an online Educator, Student, Stay at home parent, or as an Entrepreneur).
-        Be sensitive when reaching out to people you don’t know and be helpful when they need guidance in the hiring process. If you are not sure, we are always here to help.
-        When you receive inquiry from potential candidates, you should provide any information that’s helpful to their hiring process. But you are prohibited to share any contract documents from Qkids.
-        You are encouraged to create and share your own Qkids contents, but make sure the contents you created match with Qkids’, such as our logo and letter design.
-        Please refrain posting pictures with students’ faces or during class. If you really want to share funny class moments, you can blur students’ faces or replace them with one of Qkids mascots.
-        We do not encourage you to create job postings on job platforms that require an Employer profile, such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter, etc.

Remember - following up with your referrals is the key to successful hires. You know our hiring process and work dynamic better than anyone, so stay in touch and help them find a community that shares a common passion for teaching. Plus, you earn bonuses too!

Qkids is for the movers, the shakers, and the entrepreneurial cake makers. Is the schedule not working out for you currently? Taking a small hiatus but still trying to make extra income? Maybe this referral program is right for you! For more application FAQ:

Shaping the future of E-learning together! Helping Qkids family grow in your own way!

Qkids Family

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  1. Thank you so much for this! So just to clarify, we ARE allowed to show video clips of the software interface on YouTube or a website as long as we don't show any of the kids' faces. Is this correct? I have avoided this so far.

    1. Hi Christy, a short video clip should be fine as long as students' faces are not visible.

      Thank you for reaching out to clarify your questions!

    2. Thank you for the clarity! It is so helpful to have a visual for people to see rather than just explain how awesome it is!

  2. I have watched YouTube videos of teachers showing the software without a class- is that allowed?

  3. HI! I am wondering about a compilation of words covered for each lesson or level. I have seen some other teachers express this also. Would it be ok to collect these make them available for reference?

  4. Why are job sources sites such as indeed discouraged from being used?


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