We're changing the way we do classrooms -- Here's how!

Hello everyone!

We're sure that by now you've probably heard -- We're reducing the maximum number of students per class from six to four.  

We wanted to make this change because we think it helps to facilitate growth and encourage more personalized learning. This is in part from the feedback of our teachers. While many of you were comfortable teaching six students, a frequent comment was that it was difficult to connect and inspire students individually within the constraints of a six-student class. What was meant to be a fun, encouraging, individualistic learning practice ended up being a fun classroom with many group events but little time to individualize. You should notice the change as soon as this week!

It might look a little something like this!
Over the years, we've steadily reduced our class sizes. We began with large class sizes, of up to eight students, and while our fantastic teachers were able to handle it -- We knew we could make it even better.

Eight students in the older clients
It certainly felt like a classroom; however, with online teaching, we quickly realized we could keep the classroom approach while highlighting quality, individual teaching as well. That was one of our strongest strengths and helped enabled us to establish ourselves in the online ESL market. Our goal was to create an opportunity to have students thrive but still feel connected and valued in their classrooms. As we began to identify the value in smaller classes, we shrunk our maximum class capacity from eight, to six, to four!
Plus, we commence organizing two-student classes for students with stronger desire for individual communication and connection with teachers.

What this means for you:

More classes, and more demand for teachers! As our classes shrink, we're going to have to create more classes to facilitate the demand. Previously, where we could have three teachers teach eighteen students, we will now need five teachers. Additionally, as we're creating such an upkeep for teachers, this is a fantastic chance to recruit those you think are suitable for Qkids. We'll be needing additional teachers, so don't forget to refer 😏~!

Don't worry about the number of students -- In China, there are over 100,000,000 elementary and middle school students -- There are never enough teachers for the E-Learning experience.

Finally, we want to say that we have learned so much over these past few years. With our teachers and students, we're consistently aiming to push the boundaries of ESL education to better improve the experience for everyone. We thank you for your hard work and look forward to exploring ESL together!

Thank you!

The Qkids Family



  1. This is wonderful news! Thanks QKids!!

  2. What an amazing post and explanation!! Thank you so much, QKids. It's been going great. :D

  3. This is pretty good information about education to ask QandA here for education if you have any question !!


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