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We're changing the way we do classrooms -- Here's how!

Hello everyone! We're sure that by now you've probably heard -- We're reducing the maximum number of students per class from six to four.   We wanted to make this change because we think it helps to facilitate growth and encourage more personalized learning. This is in part from the feedback of our teachers. While many of you were comfortable teaching six students, a frequent comment was that it was difficult to connect and inspire students individually within the constraints of a six-student class. What was meant to be a fun, encouraging, individualistic learning practice ended up being a fun classroom with many group events but little time to individualize. You should notice the change as soon as this week! It might look a little something like this! Over the years, we've steadily reduced our class sizes. We began with large class sizes, of up to eight students, and while our fantastic teachers were able to handle it -- We knew we could make it even better.

Updates - Qkids Referral Policy, Daylight Saving, Tax Season

Hello teachers! 😎 Today we are going to discuss changes to the referral program. As you know, our old referral system involves recruitment, training, and a waiting period. We thought this wasn't the best to encourage your hard work, so we're making some key changes. Let's begin by defining what a successful referral is: FYI - are you already used to the Daylight saving change? What is a successful referral? A referral is considered successful after they have taught their first class after the trial classes. This is a rather large change from our previous system, which had our hiring staff waiting for almost twenty classes prior their recruits being marked successful. We felt this system had too much of a waiting period and not enough transparency, so we wanted to change it to fix these issues. A lot of you requested this feedback, and we're happy to deliver. Your referral bonus is calculated monthly and will be added directly to your monthly teacher payr