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Life as a Qkids Teacher (Ft. William)

Hello everyone! We have another story this time, written by our very own William! He has shared with us his account and experience, and we hope you enjoy! If you like this type of series, please let us know in the comments below~

So, there I was -- A college student with little to no experience in any field whatsoever. In fact, my only job prior had been selling knives for the local salesman as a contractor, and that flopped terribly when I realized I didn’t have a knack for pushing a product I didn’t believe in. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself, because I felt like I could tackle the world but I also realized that nearly nobody would give me a shot.

Fast forward to my job search efforts, I needed something part time that I could enjoy while I finished my education. I scanned and flipped countless online pages until I saw a tiny advertisement that caught my eye.
‘Teach children English online for 15$+ an hour with Qkids!’
I thought it was silly. I wondered how somebody could make far past minimum wage on an
entry level position. I wondered how teaching children, an excellent resume bolster, would
be easily accessible. At some point I stopped wondering and simply applied — And that was
the best decision I have made yet.

Our very own William!

Fast forward a year
When I began Qkids, I was a struggling college student. As it stands now, I am able to not only pay my expenses through college, but also pay interest on my student loans while in school. I am afforded this flexibility because the Qkids program allows me to set days and hours I can handle. For example, when I had organic chemistry at seven A.M. on Monday, I requested that day off to give me more time to focus. But, since Tuesday was an easier day for me, I happily took more classes then.
And it's not only about scheduling --- Keep in mind, I wasn't the most established college student. I only had a resume with something involving selling knives. Now I can add into my portfolio experience working with children, education, ESL, and online management. 

What have I learned?

Well, to be frank -- I've learned how to lead. And I don't only mean others, I also mean myself. I've jumpstarted myself into an effective, time-managed schedule. That same skill makes my organization and studying practices better, too! 

Furthermore, I've taken it on myself to bring together WeChat teams dedicated to helping both new and veteran teachers succeed. I've made a lot of friends, both with the advising team and fellow teachers. And to think-- A year and a half ago I never would have expected me putting my silly "I'm an American, not an AmeriCAN'T" in my job description would land me a shot. I never would have imagined that I would have a sense of community with a team so far away.
To anyone on the fence — Go for it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Not only will you experience a culture unlike your own, but you might just find yourself loving the job. Working from home has plenty of opportunities, but ones like this are few and far between. Take the shot, I promise you won’t regret it.

Wow! Thank you for the kind words, William! We like your hoodie 😋 Do you have a story you want to share? How has your experience with Qkids been? Let us know and we might feature your story! 



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