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Happy Chinese New Year from Qkids!

Hello teachers! It's that time of year for us~ We are excited to bring to you an article illustrating the importance of the Chinese New Year to us. Several of you have mentioned an interest in learning more about it, so we wanted to write something to help clarify! To begin, we should note that the Chinese New Year is often referred to as the Spring Festival -- So if you see us interchange the words, you know why~ 😋 Happy Chinese New Year! A cool drawing from Teacher Jill💌 The Spring Festival is a multi-day celebration that involves many different steps! Before the festival, m any families enjoy cleaning to help bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new year. 2018 is the year of the Dog 🐕, so expect dog themed decorations! As well, the reunion dinner is considered by many to be the most important dinner of the year, bringing together generations of families to laugh, enjoy food, and cherish each other's company . You can see a clear emphasis on fami

Life as a Qkids Teacher (Ft. William)

Hello everyone! We have another story this time, written by our very own William! He has shared with us his account and experience, and we hope you enjoy! If you like this type of series, please let us know in the comments below~ So, there I was --   A college student with little to no experience in any field whatsoever. In fact, my only job prior had been selling knives for the local salesman as a contractor, and that flopped terribly when I realized I didn’t have a knack for pushing a product I didn’t believe in. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself, because I felt like I could tackle the world but I also realized that nearly nobody would give me a shot. Fast forward to my job search efforts, I needed something part time that I could enjoy while I finished my education. I scanned and flipped countless online pages until I saw a tiny advertisement that caught my eye. ‘Teach children English online for 15$+ an hour with Qkids!’ I thought it was silly. I wondered how some