Interview Series - Teachers Kelsey, Elise, & Ann

Hello teachers!

Welcome to part two of our interview series 😊! Our company is a team of staff and teachers, and thus we wanted to share a critical part of what makes this all possible -- You! We contacted three amazing teachers, each easily pushing an average score of 4.8 or above. Enjoy!

Interview with Kelsey, Elise, & Ann

Kelsey, Elise, Ann

How long have you been working with Qkids?

Kelsey:  I have been working with Qkids since June of 2017.
EliseI have been working with QKids since July of 2017, so about six months.
Ann: Five months

What would you say the most enjoyable thing about working for Qkids is? What would you say is the most difficult thing about working for Qkids?

Kelsey: The most enjoyable thing about working for Qkids is definitely seeing the students each morning. I love starting each morning with the feeling that I have helped a child learn how to communicate with people from all around the world. The most difficult thing about working for Qkids is the early hours. It is easier to wake up earlier as time goes on, but I remember how hard it was to adjust to the early schedule when I first started working for Qkids. 

Elise: In addition to the freedom of working from home, my favorite thing about working for QKids is always the students themselves. I love waking up every morning and seeing the faces of children that I can actively help change the lives of - language is an incredible, important, and versatile tool that we all need and use, and helping children learn a new language is a joy and a privilege. 

Ann: I love my students being able to ask open ended questions and seeing how much the students know. Their smiling faces makes the job so incredible. The most difficult thing is getting up at 4AM!! Haha πŸ˜ƒ

Do you feel comfortable talking with your trainer about your rating, and asking for improvements?

Kelsey: Absolutely! I have done it in the past. Dorothy has always been so helpful in providing critical feedback for my classes.
EliseAbsolutely. She has taken and answered every single question I have and has been wonderful in providing feedback, especially when I was assimilating into the L-series. Any time I have a question or a concern, she is there. She is always helpful, supportive, and kind.
Ann: Yes, definitely – She’s always open to discuss questions or issues I have.

Recently, Christmas Themed classes took over the scheduling tables! Were you a part of any of these? Would you like to see more? 

Kelsey: Since I typically only teach the L1 and L2 classes, I taught the "Red Red Coat" class. I really enjoyed these classes, and I know that the other teachers did as well! I love teaching the children about Christmas and helping them learn about my holiday traditions. I would absolutely love to see more holiday classes! I'm hoping there will be a Chinese New Year class, that way the students can teach me about their own holiday traditions!
EliseYes!  So far, I’ve taught two different versions of A Red Red Coat. I think it’s so fun and thoughtful, and the kids seem to enjoy it. I would like to see more.
Ann: I have taught all variations of the Christmas classes.  Singing songs with the kids is the best thing ever.

If you could give advice to a new teacher beginning just this month, what would you say?

KelseyI smile a lot! I also like to give lots of encouragement, high-fives, and "good jobs".

Elise: I would say to first and foremost, have fun. Kids always know if you’re being genuine or not, and it will reflect in your classes. Second, props are your friend, no matter how few or how many. Even if your stuffed lion isn’t the kids’ favorite animal, a few little inanimate teacher’s assistants are always helpful to keep things lively! And finally, each class is a new class, and every 30 minutes is a new opportunity, so take the two to five minutes in between each class to clear your mind and open your heart. It’s always worth it!

Ann: Have fun!

Do you have any tricks to help boost your rating past 4.8?

Kelsey: I smile a lot! I also like to give lots of encouragement, high-fives, and "good jobs". 

Elise: I think that the most important thing you can do to improve classes and ratings is to try your best to make a genuine connection with each student during class in some way. The kids want to know that they are cared about, and that’s what makes classes good and enjoyable for them over anything else. Asking them what they like when it comes to stickers, drawings, and props is always helpful too!
Recently, the Qkids staff produced a livestream to help share appreciation for teachers over the holidays. What were your thoughts?

Kelsey: Yes, I did watch the Qkids live stream! I absolutely loved seeing the Qkids work environment and I feel like it has made the whole work environment closer. I would love to see more content like this in the future!

EliseYes, I was messaged on WeChat about it, and I watched the whole thing and (tried) to participate in the games! So much fun!

Ann: The live video was so much fun I loved being able to see the Qkids HQ.

--- And that's it! We hope you enjoyed the interview with three of our best! Did you have any questions? Who should we interview next? Let us know down below in the comments!

The Qkids Family



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