How to Improve Your Quality Rating

How to Improve Your Quality Rating

Hello Teachers!

We are excited to release this post! Many of you have asked your trainers for ideas and suggestions to improve your rating, and we wanted to address this for everyone here on our blog. As maintaining a quality rating superior to 4.75 is mandatory, we wanted to make sure that anyone willing to improve can improve 😊.

First, it is easy to begin thinking a 4.75 / 5 rating is difficult to reach -- Not so! Over 90% of our teachers hit this performance mark every single week. Wow, you guys are incredible. For those who have an off week, do not worry! We understand that sometimes these types of situations can happen. If you end a week lower than 4.75, your trainer will likely contact you to help provide some tips to make sure you meet your quality bonus in the future. A big part of our goal is making sure our teachers are comfortable, well-trained, and happy, so we want you to feel comfortable asking for advice, too. If you're ever unsure of how to move forward, remember that your WeChat team is designed to help you excel~!

Often, a poor rating can be a sign of technical issues. Be sure to login early and run a microphone check, video quality check, and ping test to make sure you're well prepared. If the students can barely hear you, how can you receive your grading accurately 😒? 

Once you have addressed that technical issues on your side are not the problem, accurate troubleshooting of children's technical problems is essential for maintaining a proper score. Utilizing the robot helpers that indicate a child's video or audio feeds are not working will help make sure that everything flows smoothly. Then it is merely a matter of audio control (volume levels and echoes) and reporting any continuing or different issues to the service desk so we can help you out! 

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1! Class has begun!

This is your moment. The countdown begins and you've had a great introduction to the kids. You know all of their names, you've gathered the tempo of the class, and you're ready to begin. This is your time to shine. Our top performers are teachers who lead their classes by guiding students, promoting positivity, and smiling often. We want you to have a good time teaching the kids in a structured, fun environment. So, enjoy yourself! Our kids are anxious to learn and we know you are capable of not only teaching, but also guiding them to understand. It's okay to feel and be a little silly~! πŸ˜‰ There is nothing wrong with that. 

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses. Some may need to be challenged more, and some may require a slower tempo of teaching. Adjust your style of class accordingly to your class, and you will hit every merit needed to succeed!

As for specific techniques, here is a good outline of what will help:

  • Positive Reinforcement - If a student is struggling, happy encouragement helps a lot!
  • Compliments - Wow, your students just nailed the word balcony. That's a tough one! Well done, guys!
  • Guide the class with your body language, tone, and diction - A teacher excited about an  upcoming Bingo games excites the kids, too! 
  • Talking Speed - Talking too fast may confuse students, and talking too slow may disinterest them. A good blend is recommended.
I know, I know, this is a lot to mention and remember πŸ˜‹. But what you may notice is that you likely already do a great number of these things! At that point, it is merely understanding what you can become better in and patching up the holes~.

Remember that teachers consistently scoring 4.8 or higher are far more likely to be invited to test out higher level programs, new features, and to be interviewed, in addition to a guaranteed quality bonus~! So, do your best to score as high as you can. 4.75 is the minimum, but if you reach 4.9 or 5  -- Woww! We would love to see that.

Thank you so much for reading!
-- The Qkids Family 



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