A Deeper Dive into our Classrooms - From G series to L series

A Deeper Dive into our Classrooms

Hello everyone! 😊 We wanted to take some time to take a deeper dive into our classrooms series. In particular, we wanted to discuss the G series and the L series. A significant portion of our history is associated with our unique approach to classrooms. The ESL field, for example, often provides 1 : 1 lessons instead of online classrooms. But, we felt this lost some of the value that a class can provide. Additionally, many of you have wondered about the design and end goals of these classroom modules, and with our interview with Gloria briefly discussing it, we wanted to talk more about it!

Let's begin with the G Series...

The G series was our first major attempt at creating a stable, specialized platform that focused on both engaging students and teacher convenience. In the beginning, it began with a lot of testing and troubleshooting. At first, it was difficult to create something that could perform for both fluency and ease of use; however, overtime it became a near impossible challenge due to how antiquated the G series software was. Still, many amazing moments were created. We were able to integrate our top teachers into newly constructed programs such as G4, which blended new games, teaching methods, and illustrations.

We believe that the value of the G series remains that it provided a great platform to illustrate, develop, and learn from. It allowed our teachers to perform. With their feedback, the G series gradually improved. But, once we learned that the feedback demanded things outside the capability of mere hotfixes or patches, we knew we had to design something better -- Enter the L series.

The L Series 

Our goals with the Qkids platform have always been the same -- To create an inspiring, fun environment where both students and teachers could thrive. We quickly realized that our first design, the G series, fell short of these visions. It was able to provide an adequate environment, and by all standards it was reasonable; however, we wanted to create something even better!

We began by taking the feedback from our teachers that couldn't be done in the G software and implementing it into the L software. For example, we were able to smooth out the highlight function
and add in animated, tracking sticker software. In addition, we were able to spread out the lesson material. If you notice, we retired the G program around G4. The L series, however, has around 9 different tiers of lessons. This was a tremendous step in the right direction to allow students to more gradually develop and be appropriately placed into their respective levels.

You may not have realized, but we recruited a contingent of our top teachers to test out the L series before widespread distribution! We call them the 'L Pioneers'! Every step of the way we brought in teachers to help make our platform feel more homely 😌. We hope you like it!

Not only did we focus on the teaching aspects, but we also wanted to streamline the service desk, and make the overall user interface more friendly for both new and veteran teachers. Before, almost all communication happened over WeChat! Wow, how far we have come~!

All that being said, the L series update allows us to continue planning for the future. As we improve classes and challenge the limits of our software, we hope you will continue to be a part of the team. Your feedback, suggestions, and encouragement are all always appreciated.

Thank you!

The Qkids Family



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