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Life as a Qkids Teacher (Ft. Jodi)

Hello everyone! We have a new series beginning that focuses on what it's like to be a Qkids teacher! Below is all written by our very own Jodi. We hope you enjoy! TEACHING WITH QKIDS Our very own Jodi! My name is Jodi Lewis, I’m a graphic designer and I live in Toronto Canada. At the start of 2017 I was looking for a career opportunity that was enjoyable and could offer me the flexibility of working from home while going to school and still run my small business. During my search I came across an online ESL teaching position with Qkids. The flexible schedule and opportunity to impact children, was right on point for me. When I received an email stating they were interested in my application, I knew I had found something special. After a few days of preparation, comprehensive and friendly training from the hiring team, I started my journey as an Online ESL Teacher. "My time with Qkids has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful six months of my career.&q

A Deeper Dive into our Classrooms - From G series to L series

A Deeper Dive into our Classrooms Hello everyone! 😊 We wanted to take some time to take a deeper dive into our classrooms series. In particular, we wanted to discuss the G series and the L series. A significant portion of our history is associated with our unique approach to classrooms. The ESL field, for example, often provides 1 : 1 lessons instead of online classrooms. But, we felt this lost some of the value that a class can provide. Additionally, many of you have wondered about the design and end goals of these classroom modules, and with our interview with Gloria briefly discussing it, we wanted to talk more about it! Let's begin with the G Series... The G series was our first major attempt at creating a stable, specialized platform that focused on both engaging students and teacher convenience. In the beginning, it began with a lot of testing and troubleshooting. At first, it was difficult to create something that could perform for both fluency and ease of use; howev

Interview Series - Teachers Kelsey, Elise, & Ann

Hello teachers! Welcome to part two of our interview series 😊! Our company is a team of staff and teachers, and thus we wanted to share a critical part of what makes this all possible -- You! We contacted three amazing teachers, each easily pushing an average score of 4.8 or above. Enjoy! Interview with Kelsey, Elise, & Ann Kelsey , Elise , Ann How long have you been working with Qkids? Kelsey :  I have been working with Qkids since June of 2017. Elise :  I have been working with QKids since July of 2017, so about six months. Ann : Five months What would you say the most enjoyable thing about working for Qkids is?  What would you say is the most difficult thing about working for Qkids? Kelsey : The most enjoyable thing about working for Qkids is definitely seeing the students each morning. I love starting each morning with the feeling that I have helped a child learn how to communicate with people from all around the world. The mo

How to Improve Your Quality Rating

How to Improve Your Quality Rating Hello Teachers! We are excited to release this post! Many of you have asked your trainers for ideas and suggestions to improve your rating, and we wanted to address this for everyone here on our blog. As maintaining a quality rating superior to 4.75 is mandatory, we wanted to make sure that anyone willing to improve can improve 😊. First, it is easy to begin thinking a 4.75 / 5 rating is difficult to reach -- Not so! Over 90% of our teachers hit this performance mark every single week. Wow, you guys are incredible. For those who have an off week, do not worry! We understand that sometimes these types of situations can happen. If you end a week lower than 4.75, your trainer will likely contact you to help provide some tips to make sure you meet your quality bonus in the future. A big part of our goal is making sure our teachers are comfortable, well-trained, and happy, so we want you to feel comfortable asking for advice, too. If you're ev

Interview Series - Gloria - The L Series

Hello teachers, and welcome to today's interview segment! Helper Koby here with some super secret inside information! Okay, maybe it's not so secret.. 😊 but we wanted to answer some of your questions and give you perspective as to the inner workings of your company in the form of an interview! We hope you like knowing a little more about the behind the scenes to make it happen. Today we have an interview with Gloria, tackling the difficulties and benefits of transitioning between the G series to the L series. If you like this type of content, please let us know. We would love to know your thoughts and suggestions for future interviews.  Interview With Gloria  How long have you been working with Qkids? Gloria : A year and a half W hat is your position within the company? Are you a trainer, recruiter, etc? Gloria : I am the Learning Facilitator, Planner, and Liaison of the Coaching Department.  Recently, Qkids transitioned in