[For Qkids Teachers] Earn $100USD Per Successful Referral

[For Qkids Teachers] $100USD Per Successful Referral

Hurry up !!

What are the easy steps?

Copy your unique REFERRAL LINK from your Referral Center (in your Teacher Software)→ Spread your REFERRAL LINK (and talk about your teaching journey with Qkids) → Earn uncapped bonus as you go! 

How much can I make?
You can make $100USD per successful referral. You may refer as many teachers as you can, as this is an unlimited referral program.

What is a successful referral?
After your referral is hired and has taught the first class after the trials.

When do I receive my bonus?
Your referral bonus is calculated monthly and will be added directly to your monthly teacher payment.  If your contract is terminated, your referral bonus will be sent to your bank account separately.

Who can refer teachers to us?
All Qkids teachers, whether current or former.

Where do I send my referrals(tracking your referrals)?
If you are using your referral link, your referrals will be automatically directed to Qkids teacher website.  If you are using your referral code, you can send your referrals to Qkids teacher website (http://teacher.qkids.net/) and ask them to sign up and apply using your unique referral code. As long as your referrals are using your link or code,  you will be able to see their tracking information on your Referral Center. 

[Bonus tip]: Referral Center is also available on Qkids Teacher website: 

Check out this blog for getting more referrals: I want more referrals

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