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What is Qkids? How does it work?

Hello teachers! Welcome to our enjoyably amicable blog! Koby is here to help you understand who we are and what we do a little better~ What is Qkids? Qkids is an international company that connects amazing, inquisitive children from China to energetic American & Canadian teachers. Our goal is to integrate two cultures for the sake of ESL (English Second Language) education while maintaining a fun, playful atmosphere. Considering how fast the world of technology is modernizing old trends, it is easy to see how ESL platforms can take off! When one of our students needs help learning English, there is online help only a click away -- That's us 😉! How does it work? In China, learning English is a part of the school curriculum. It is natural that some adults would like to seek additional English teaching services for their children. We provide teachers a platform via our software to teach and enhance our students' English capabilities.  We offer not only the so

Holidays and Themes - Wow, So Many Holidays!

Holidays and Themes - Wow, So Many Holidays! Hello, teachers! Wow, the holidays are here 🎄! Looking around and seeing all the Christmas lights, fireworks and snowmen is a remarkable experience. Although cultures around the world may differ, holidays are abundant in every single one. We wanted to share some of our experiences, and indulge in yours, too! To begin, you may have noticed that classes may have a more festive take: Holiday Themed Classes This is our new approach at introducing holiday teaching within our classes! We can include lots of fun materials here to help the students understand the translations and culture behind holidays better. It is quite new, but something we hope to improve on. For Halloween, we introduced an interesting Jack-o'-lantern introduction screen, and for Thanksgiving, we made a thank you video to show a little more about the Qkids family and us. We wanted to take it even further for Christmas and future holidays! For our Christ

Scheduling & The Holidays

 Holidays and You Dear Teachers, As holidays approach, we understand that you may desire more time with your families. We fully support your decision and encourage you to enjoy yourself; however, we humbly request that you alert us via email weeks before your departure . This will allow us ample time to manage to schedule and assign standby teachers for a busy holiday cycle! Since many teachers are requesting time off around the same time period, it is imperative that we maintain as accurate a schedule as possible for teachers both requesting time off and working the holidays. Remember, if you are taking a hiatus from work for the  upcoming week or longer , please send an email to . For the current week , please direct your concerns to your WeChat team & the service desk in your Qkids software. We appreciate your help and wish you a fantastic holiday! - The Qkids Family CONNECT ON:  Facebook   |   Twitter   |   Instagram  |  

Qkids Hiring - Video Demo Example

Qkids Hiring - Video Demo Example An introduction video including your  level of education current location of residency  any experience working with children or as a teacher read or tell a children's story Tips:  tones, facial expression, and body languages.  clean background clear sound and video quality  You can upload your video to YouTube or Google Drive -- Simply include your link in the application and we will review it!  Here are some video demos for your reference, there are many more examples on YouTube if you are interested.   1. 51s 2. 67s 3. 107s 4. 63s Love, Qkids Family Find us on:   Facebook   |  LinkedIn   | YouTube  | Twitter  |  Instagram   Not a Qkids teacher yet? Sign up  Here !

[For Qkids Teachers] Earn $100USD Per Successful Referral

[For Qkids Teachers] $100USD Per Successful Referral Hurry up !! What are the easy steps? Copy your unique REFERRAL LINK from your Referral Center (in your Teacher Software)→ Spread your REFERRAL LINK (and talk about your teaching journey with Qkids) → Earn uncapped bonus as you go!  How much can I make? You can make $100USD per successful referral. You may refer as many teachers as you can, as this is an unlimited referral program. What is a successful referral? After your referral is hired and has taught the first class after the trials. When do I receive my bonus? Your referral bonus is calculated monthly and will be added directly to your monthly teacher payment.  If your contract is terminated, your referral bonus will be sent to your bank account separately. Who can refer teachers to us? All Qkids teachers, whether current or former. Where do I send my referrals(tracking your referrals)? If you are using your referral link, your referrals will be automati

Windows/Mac - How to Check the System Information

Windows/Mac - How to Check the System Information Computer spec lays a solid foundation for running Qkids teaching software smoothly.  Currently, we only support Windows 7 (or above) and MacOS 10.9 (or above) systems. This document explains how users can check the amount of RAM installed and other system information details, such as the processor speed. Windows 8 Windows 7 & Vista Windows XP Mac OS X Windows 8 Option 1:  Windows 8/10:  From the start screen search for "msinfo32" Option 2: From the Start screen, type  This PC . Right click (or tap and hold) This PC, and click  properties . System information will be displayed as shown: Windows 7 & Vista From the Start menu, right-click  Computer , then select  Properties  . Windows XP From the desktop or the Start menu, right-click  My Computer , then select Properties. System information will be displayed as shown: Mac OS X Click the  Apple icon