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Qkids Teacher 101 - Preparing Your Teaching Background

Preparing Your Teaching Background Hi Qkids teachers!

Hope you are having a good week. Today Momo wants to share with you some helpful tips about how to set up your awesome teaching background.
Many of you already have great props to attract students' attention; however, your teaching background is equally important since students see it for the entire class. A messy, unorganized background can not only distract students but also negatively impact your teacher rating. Your teaching style, outfit, lighting, and background all factor into your overall class rating. Below are some points you should pay attention to if you want to improve your teaching background: 1. The room lighting must be bright enough for students to see you clearly. You should try out different angles in your room and find the sweet spot. Do not point your camera toward the ceiling or light since it will be too bright for students to look at you.
2. The ideal class background is you facing against a wall. It can b…
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7 Tips for Teaching English Online

7 Tips for Teaching English OnlineTeaching online brings with it a whole new world of challenges and complications that traditional education didn't have to deal with. But while the occasional technical issue can make a lesson frustrating to teach, overall the pros outweigh the cons. But how do you squeeze out the best in your classes as an online teacher? Listed here we have7 tips for teaching English online.

1. Let the Students Do the Work This one almost seems obvious but it’s a fact of teaching that unless we self-monitor, teachers can end up giving students the answers rather than leading students to them. The more time a student engages with the materials the more they will learn. With this in mind don’t feel pressured to rush students to the answer. This may deprive them of the chance to make a deeper connection with the materials. Yet, even though you may guide students to answer more independently, it is still important to present new words for all levels, to prompt stude…

Why are we all wearing ugly sweaters?

Why are we all wearing ugly sweaters?

We are all guilty of it. Every year around December they start popping up in offices, clothes shops, your friends and worst of all, your family. Ugly Christmas Sweaters! But why? Where did this trend come from and more importantly why won't it go away?!?
OK, so I am engaging in a little bit of hyperbole here. To be honest, at Qkids we love Christmas sweaters, the uglier the better. But here in China, it is not very common and we had literally no idea why at this time of year people all across America and Canada seem to don the item in question, seemingly trying to out-do each other in how garish they look. But we had to find out. Here is what we learned.

The start of the ugly sweater trend
Apparently, they started off known as ‘jingle bell sweaters’ back in the 1950s. It probably won't surprise you that this was a cold faced cash grab at the time Christmas was becoming commercialized and people started having money to spend on frivolous thin…

Qkids 2018 Summer Camp High5 - Marine Camp - Day Four

"I knew I loved teaching the kids online but it was nothing compared to when I got to really know them in person. We really formed a special connection over that week and I'll always remember it as such a wonderful experience." - Teacher Suzanne Memories, Campfires, and Marine ActivitiesThroughout the week we have seen our students and teachers grow in ways nobody had imagined. Our students performed a talent show and mastered English concepts in teams, while our teachers experienced a unique culture exchange. Things were different in camp, but yet it still felt like a vacation to our participants.

Despite all the fun, sometimes even the best of a vacation can leave those in it feeling homesick. That was our objective today. At the end, we scheduled an evening campfire experience that involved students sharing thoughts, feelings, and opening letters of love from their families.
Morning-time English & Objective MasteryWe began the day by stretching and acting like animals…

Making a list and checking it twice!

-Commitment Offer-

Have you ever tried to tell someone about online teaching and they were like, "What is that?"

This year, Qkids noticed the same thing happening here in China. After school education is a huge cultural phenomenon here in China where competition for university places and jobs is fierce. So many parents drive their kids to and from extra classes, most days of the week. But why? With learning platforms like Qkids, their kids could study from home and get a better experience than one spent with 30 other kids in a classroom. Maybe they just don’t know?!?

So this fall we got busy campaigning on national and local news channels to spread the word about online education and to show more families the benefits of online lessons. The response has been huge and with growing awareness, we think its very likely that a big increase in new students will be just around the corner. Many new families will be taking up this opportunity to try out online lesson…

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

A whole year has gone by so quickly! It was exactly one year ago we posted a video from our Xiamen and Guangzhou offices to thank you all for your hard work. We wanted you to be able to see your partners here at Qkids, working with you to deliver excellent education to thousands of young learners of English. Now its that time of year again for us to say a big thank you to our American teachers at this special time of the year.
A lot has changed over the last 365 days for Qkids. We have lots more students and teachers for a start! This time last year we had a small but strong team of teachers working tirelessly to bring top quality education to our many many young learners who come online to not just study English but connect with the world outside their boarders. Now we have thousands of teachers bringing that global connection to many more thousands of students every single day. Over the next year we hope to be able to grow even larger with your help.
Another change is the size of our…

Qkids 2018 Summer Camp High5 - Marine Camp - Day Three

"I came to China to teach, yet I find myself leaving a piece of my heart in each of the children we taught. It is I who have learned so much, and my heart is full of memories."
- Teacher Cynthia  A Day of Sailing and TalentToday is a day of action and excitement, spanning from sailing on the open waters to a talent show featuring students performing magic, singing, and even dancing. So far, students have experienced archery, swimming, and bonding; however, it was time to take things to the next physical level.

The goals of today were simple -- We wanted to help students understand how sailboats worked, as well as understand how to describe them accurately in English. This includes words such as big, round, heavy, or flat, and the competitions that come with learning how these adjectives affect a boat's buoyancy. Day 3 English Mastery
Everyone knew that later in the day we would be skimming the waves on sailboats. But we wanted students to be able to express what was happenin…