What is Qkids? How does it work?

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What is Qkids?

Qkids is an international company that connects amazing, inquisitive children from China to energetic American & Canadian teachers. Our goal is to integrate two cultures for the sake of ESL (English Second Language) education while maintaining a fun, playful atmosphere. Considering how fast the world of technology is modernizing old trends, it is easy to see how ESL platforms can take off! When one of our students needs help learning English, there is online help only a click away -- That's us 😉!

How does it work?

In China, learning English is a part of the school curriculum. It is natural that some adults would like to seek additional English teaching services for their children. We provide teachers a platform via our software to teach and enhance our students' English capabilities.  We offer not only the software but also the curriculum. Our curriculum consists of a fully developed, interactive module experience. We traverse grades and offer material as simple as teaching colors to more complex geographical locations.

Essentially, we pay you to teach our students English using our platform and our preset modules. You just have to bring yourself, a confident demeanor, and a cheery smile!

Who is eligible to join the Qkids family?

We are looking for positive, cheery people that have a Bachelor's or are pursuing one. Ample teaching or alternative experience (especially working with children) may suffice. Additionally, we require mastery of the English language. We are teaching English, after all! Due to our server restrictions, we currently only employ teachers who are current residents of Canada or the United States. Sorry to those ineligible!

To summarize:
  • Bachelor's Degree or in pursuance of one
  • Native English Speakers with clear diction
  • A positive, cheery demeanor
  • Experience working with children, or high potential to learn
  • Residency in Canada or the United States

Payroll & Schedule (Times in EST)

Our time slots are from 5:40 AM - 8:10 AM every morning, with additional evening classes on Friday & Saturday (7:40 PM - 10:10 PM). At a minimum, we ask you to meet at least 16 classes a week.

Please note that when DST (Daylight Saving Time) begins in March, our classes will start at 6:40 AM and run until 9:10 AM.

Each class is 8$USD and lasts on average 30 minutes. For meeting the minimum attendance bonus and quality requirements, you will receive an extra 2$USD per class, totaling around 20$USD per hour. Also, we provide paid training whether the teacher makes it past the trial classes or not.

Payments are once a month, on the 12th of the next month.

Did we fail to answer your question? Leave a comment below, and we will address any and all concerns, thank you!

-- The Qkids Family
We hope you will be a happy fit for our family! 



  1. Hello, I have read the payroll and scheduling portion of the job requirements and I don't quiet understand how compensation works.

  2. For each month you work i believe they pay the following month, for the previous month that you worked. Basically they want to see what they are paying for "The proof is in the pudding" so to say.

  3. Do you have to have ethernet or is wifi sufficient enough?

    1. Hello!

      It is essential to have as clear a connection as possible. As Wifi may experience packet loss, it is not recommended. We highly recommended a stable ethernet connection.

  4. Hi! I notice you mention there is paid training, but I am wondering about reimbursement for the professional development time it takes to read through this blog. The content currently takes about 1 hour to read, worth $16 USD at your current rate?


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