Qkids Hiring - Video Demo Example

Qkids Hiring - Video Demo Example

An introduction video including your 
  • level of education
  • current location of residency 
  • any experience working with children or as a teacher
  • read or tell a children's story

  • tones, facial expression, and body languages. 
  • clean background
  • clear sound and video quality 
You can upload your video to YouTube or Google Drive -- Simply include your link in the application and we will review it! 

Here are some video demos for your reference, there are many more examples on YouTube if you are interested. 

 1. 51s

2. 67s

3. 107s

4. 63s



  1. Any recommendations on finding a good children's story to include?

    1. anything really. you can tell most children books by how simple the sentences are and the use of words describing sound, like CRASH, PUSH, BAM, CRACKLE. so if you find something like that online your good to go.

    2. Yes know how to recognize children's books ;). Ok will find one in my local library get to this then. Below people seemed to not be showing the book while reading - showing illustrations and such. Is showing the book and associated illustrations not recommended?

  2. Are you looking for teachers who have American accent only? I have a clear english pronunciation but not the American accent.

  3. I just submitted my video and realized that I forgot to mention what city and state I live in. Will this affect my application?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The screen keeps saying that I have poor lighting, but i have two lights facing me and my laptop


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